Windows 7 Activator Download For 32-64bit [Official 2021]

Windows 7 Activator Download For 32-64bit [Official 2021]

Windows 7 Activator Download For 32-64bit [Official 2021]

Windows 7 Activator helps us to activate Windows 7 and all of its Editions. If you are looking for the trusted but freeways to activate Windows 7, then this platform is the right place for you. Today we will guide you in detail on how you can activate Windows 7 and its entire Edition with a free and straightforward tool that IS Windows 7 Activator.

Today, which method I am going to share with you is free and safe, and straightforward. You will not pay anything for getting the license key for that tool, and your security is also protected. There is no risk involved with that software, like other free tools. You will never face such problems while you download that tool then no worry about Trojan, malware, adware, virus, or any other security issue. It is a hundred percent secure and safe to use.

Another safety for you is that you do not need to pay anything for its activation keys that mean you do not need to provide any information about your credit card or debit, which is also safe for you. Let’s Stay with us and know more about that tool and use it to activate Windows 7.

Windows 7 Product Key

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Windows 7 Product Key

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If I am not wrong, you know well about Microsoft Company, one of the famous companies that develop hundreds of tools to help people do their activities in easy and managed ways. Among its favorite products, Windows 7 is one of the well-known Windows OS tools popular and widely used globally. Microsoft introduced many new editions after windows 7, but there are still millions of Windows 7.

You will never find such a simple and User-friendly OS like Windows 7, and people love to use that Window on MacOS and Linux systems. But one thing that is necessary that you need an individual license key for activation of Windows 7 from Microsoft.

If you do not get that product key, then after 30 days, your Windows 7 will stop working, and a message will show on your screen to activate your Windows. For activation, you need to buy the premium key from Microsoft. Usually, the average range of Windows 7 different editions ranges between 119$ to 199$, which is still costly for many people. So you may want to know freeways to activate Windows 7, but the problem with free tools is that you do not get anything except wastage of time and viruses when you download them.

Suppose you do not buy the Windows 7 product key. In that case, you will not be able to get access to many functions of Windows 7, and you will also not receive updates from Microsoft servers which may cause an accumulation of viruses on your computer.

Windows 7 Activator

Windows 7 Activator is a simple and free tool developed by third-party developers, making you activate windows 7 with one click permanently. There are several activator tools available on the internet, but unfortunately, most of them are not working correctly when you download them. It is also found that after downloading the free activators, users face virus or malware issues.

For that reason, people are afraid of using such free activator tools, but no need to worry. We have deep research, and our team has found a solution for you. We have found a free activator tool that is easy to download and install and hundred percent safe to use but free of cost.

The activator tool that we will share with you is Windows 7 Loader that is simple and secure to use on your computer. It will not show any effect on your computer files and will keep everything unchanged.

Do not worry, because we have tested it on different computers several times to know its worth and trust. The tool is developed by TeamDaz that is one of the trusted team for providing free but trusted tools. After ensuring complete security, I like to share that tool with you people.

I have activated my Windows 7 many days before, but still, I did not face any issues, like security or message for activation of Windows and any change in the stored files on my computer. Another thing that makes that tool charming is that you do not need to worry about its expiry date because it is a permanent solution, and when you activate your Windows 7 with that tool, it will not ask you again to activate your windows. You can say it will offer you all of the premium tool features but for free. You will get everything in that tool that one can demand facility, safety, and trust. Read the content below and know more about it.

How to download Windows 7 Activator?

Now we come to the main point that you can download that free tool on your computer to activate your Windows 7 and Editions. Many people got confused while downloading the free tools because they provide you complex solutions that make you irritated and tired. So do think like that about Windows 7 Activator because it is pretty easy to download that tool on your computer.

You will never find any popups, ad links, or any other advertisement if you download that tool from our website. Once you have decided to download that tool from our website, follow the below simple process to download Windows 7 Activator for free.

Start with clicking on the below download button that is available in the below guide.

When you click on that button, it will redirect you to a new page that is the download page, where you will get complete information about that activator tool, and then after the information, you will see a button with the name” Download” click on that button.

Windows 7 Activator

After clicking the Download button, you will redirect to the TeamDaz website here. Here you will see two buttons, the first one “Import To” during the second one “Download.” It will also ask you to create an account, but it is unnecessary to make your account. But if you have completed your account, then click on Import to save that file. Otherwise, you can download that tool by clicking on the “download button.”

Then you will see the process to download Windows 7 Activator started and file download in your download list. You will also find that tool compatible with both architecture 32 bit and 64 bit.

How to Install Windows 7 and Activate Windows 7?

It is the primary concern that we are reading that article about how to activate windows 7 with that activator tool. We have tried our best to present your whole process simply; please read the below content, know about its activation, and then activate Window 7.

  • First of all, turn off Antivirus or any other defender tool if installed on your computer. Otherwise, Windows 7 Activator will not work.
  • After that, extract the zip file from the downloaded files using 7zip or WinRar tools; you will see a notepad file where a password for activation is available and copy the Zip file’s password to use.
  • After copying the password, click on the Zip file; it will ask you to enter the password, enter the password that you have copied. After that, go for the next step; when you see another folder, click on that folder” Windows 7 activator.exe,” A screen will pop up; from here, click on Run as Administrator.
  • Press Ok to confirm the action, and then enter the same password here, but sometimes it will not ask you.
  • You will see information about Windows 7 and your computer; ignore that you will see the Install button below. Click on that button to install the program.
  • After clicking on that button process of installation, it will not take more than a minute. Now you will get the notification” activated” it’s done. Now check the status of your Windows 7. It will show you as activated.

Top Features of Windows 7 Activator

While you download Windows 7 Activator on your computer, you will get many features. Some of the significant features are given below that make that tool unique and trusted to use.

  • The program is compatible to use with all architectures, such as 32/64 bit.
  • It is pretty easy to download, install and activate Windows 7.
  • The tool is also compatible to use for all Editions of Windows 7.
  • You do not need to pay any fee for download or install.
  • Never will you need to update the tool because it provides you permanent solutions.
  • It comes with multiple language support.
  • It is hundred percent safe to use and will not show any effect on your computer files.
  • Once you have downloaded the tool, you do not need an internet connection for its other functions like activation of windows 7.
  • Once you have activated Windows 7, it will never ask you to start the window because it activates your window permanently.
  • Never will you see problems such as viruses, Trojan, malware, adware, and other issues.

Windows 7 Activator

Pros & Cons of Windows 7 Activator Tool

Everything has good features and also has some flaws, like other things Windows 7 activator tool also has some pros and cons that I would like to share with you. It will show our sincerity for you, and if you are satisfied and compromise with these cons, then it is the best software for you to activate windows 7.


  • It is completely free.
  • Windows 7 Activator.
  • The process of installation is simple and takes a couple of moments.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface.
  • When using for activation, it automatically picks the information of Window 7.
  • Compatible to use with both architectures, 32 and 64 bit.
  • No limit on its use; use it with as many computers.
  • It offers permanent activation of Windows 7.
  • Free of risk, no virus or other issue.


  • Once you have installed it, it is necessary to connect with the internet once in 180 days. If you did not do that, it would not perform its functions, and you will need to download it again.
  • It is not a virus, but the Anti-virus tools detect the Windows 7 activator as a virus, making you confused.

How can you remove Windows 7 Activator from your computer?

Maybe you need to remove the windows seven activator after its use for any purpose. But when it comes to removing it from your computer, I did not use the word uninstall because there is no need to uninstall. It is a portable activator tool that is removed or deletes from your computer.

But if you have purchased the genuine key instead of Microsoft’s tool, follow the below process to remove it from your computer.

  • Start with pushing the X on your keyboard and Windows logo on your screen simultaneously; it will give you access to Quick Access Shortcut.
  • Here you will see an option for different functions access; click on the “System” menu.
  • Now with your mouse left-click to select the “About” option
  • After that, you will see a new window, and there you will different options, select the option” Change product key or upgrade your edition of Windows.”
  • It will redirect you to the new window screen to see the “Change product key” option. Click on that. It will ask you to enter the product key.
  • Now enter the genuine key that you purchase from an online platform, but here I will mention that it is necessary to keep your internet connection active during that process.
  • On entering the key, the process will start for changing the product key, which will take a couple of seconds to complete.
  • Now your tool has been updated with the new product key that is genuine.

Final Thoughts

Windows 7 activator tool is a free tool used to activate Windows 7 and its editions. You can download and install it in a couple of seconds for free of cost. It is hundred percent safe to use, activates your windows permanently, and does not need any update.

The tool is developed by TeamDaz that is a trusted team for developing free tools. You will get all the premium features but free of cost. You can download Windows 7 activator with complete peace of mind.

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