Microsoft Office 365 Product Key For Free [2021] Updated

Microsoft Office 365 Product Key for Free [2021] Updated

Microsoft Office 365 Product Key For Free [2021] Updated

Microsoft office is one of the exceptional products by Microsoft Company that benefits everyone. Whether you are a student, individual user, or a business professional, Microsoft office product is essential. Microsoft introduced many versions of Office products, and Microsoft Office 365 is the latest and one of the excellent versions of Office and offers many advanced features. It is a premium tool and needs a proper activation key to activate and access its function. If you cannot buy a key for activation and looking for a free Microsoft Office 365 Product Key, it is the right platform. You have searched a lot, but you did not find any trusted tool, then we will provide you Microsoft Office product key for free.

When you download the product key from Microsoft product, it only works for thirty days, and after 30 days, it stops working until you pay for that key for further functioning and access to this key. But I know that everyone can’t buy a product key, suppose you are a student or an individual, you surely want a free solution. No worry, I have found some original and trusted license keys for our visitors. Please read this content; here I am sharing the product keys, which are helpful to activate the office and Windows all versions.

List of free product keys

  • Windows 10 Activator
  • Windows 10 Product key
  • Activate Windows 10 free
  • Window 10 ISO Download
  • Windows 7 Product key

Microsoft Office 365 Product Key

Before explaining to you about keys, I would like to share information about why one needs a serial key to activate different products. The answer is pretty straightforward. The license key is the Office product’s license to use and get access to the product functions.

The reason is that Microsoft has privileged rights on its products; being a developer of such products, he has the right to charge on such products from its clients. When you install any of the Microsoft products, they offer you a 30 day free trial with premium features to function of that product. After the trial period’s expiry, they restrict access to the product functions and ask for activation keys for the product.

If you face that problem, then no need to worry. Below is the list of free product keys to activate Microsoft products.

  • 2MHJR-V4MR2-V4Z2Y-72MQ7-KC6XK
  • MT7YN-TMV9C-7DDX9-64W77-B7R4D

Microsoft Office 365 Product Key for Free

You may think that you need a proper and separate key for activation of Windows different version, such as for 2013, 2016 version you need a different license key. If you buy a key from Microsoft, you will get separate keys to activate each product.

But it is not as when you are using the above-provided keys to activate different versions of Office. You can enter any of the above keys to activate any Office version. Suppose you have chosen one key for activation of the 2013 version; you can use the same key for activation of Office 2016 and for other versions too. It is pretty easy to activate the Office products with the above-listed license keys.

Steps to Activate Microsoft office 365 products for free with License key

  • Once you have downloaded the office product on your device, copy any of the above keys and then click on any Office products like Excel, PowerPoint, or Word.
  • When you click on any of the products, you will ask to create your account and sign in to sign in if you already have an account. But here, you will need to press “I don’t want to sign in or create an account.”
  • After that, it will ask you to enter a license code of 25 digits; here, you enter any of the above keys; you can also copy the key and can paste it here to avoid any error or mistake.
  • Once you have entered any of the above keys in that bar, you will see an option “Activate” click on that button and then wait for a couple of seconds; after that, you will notify about your product’s activation.


That is the simplest way to activate Microsoft Office 365 by following the above simple steps and can activate your office product free of cost without spending anything. But the necessary thing that I would like to share is that you can only complete that process connected to the internet. So before performing that action, first makes sure you have connected your device with the internet to get proper access to all the above functions.

But the one problem is that these product keys have limited usage, and limited people can use it; if you are from a later user, you may not be able to activate your office product with the above keys. But no worry, I always share the solution for your problems; if it happens to you, follow the below guide to activate the office 365 product without entering any product key.

How to activate Microsoft Office 365 without Product keys?

You have found free product keys in the above content, but unfortunately, everyone can’t activate Microsoft Office products with the above keys. There is a user’s limit; when they reach the limit, those product keys stop working, and you need some other free solution.

There is another simple way to activate Microsoft Office products without any product key. In the below section, we will guide you with a script that we use to connect the devices with the KMS server and generate a key for your product activation.

The process is pretty easy; you need to connect your computer with an internet connection; it will be an edge if you have a strong internet connection. After connecting your computer to the internet, follow the below simple steps to activate your MS Office products without product keys.

But before going through the process, I would like to tell you about the KMS server. Microsoft develops KMS servers for facilitating their big clients such as professionals and large firms. They get the KMS server’s services that help them activate Microsoft’s products with one key.

It makes them easy to keep remembering separate keys for each version. Whether you have Windows or Office product version, it will help you activate that product with one mouse click. It is also a premium facility, but thanks to the developer, they have launched accessible KMS servers such as KMSpico and Windows activator.

What are the steps to activate Microsoft Office 365 without Product Keys?

Here are the below simple steps to activate the Microsoft Office product key; keep them follow and activate your office products by connecting a computer with the KMS server.

  • Start with copying the activation script by following the given link “Activate Office 365 without keys” after that, with the mouse, right-click on an empty area, and after that, push the “ New” button.
  • Then you will see the option” Text Document” leave the name as it appears no need to change it because it is possible to change later.
  • After that, double click on the created document file; when it opens, paste the copied script in that file. Once you have pasted the copied script link in the new file, click on the file menu and select the “Save as” menu to save that file.
  • When you select “Save as,” it will shift you to the new window where you will see the option for entering the name of the file; here, save the file named as “Office365.cmd.
  • Now go back to the place where you saved the document and then click on the file “Office365.cmd, you will see some options; click on “Run as Administrator.”
  • After that, you will see a message for confirmation; press “Yes” to confirm the process for further action.
  • Once you have confirmed the notification with “Yes,” the script will start running on your computer, and you will see the status on CMD as the product is activated successfully. After seeing that message, it is confirmed that the product was activated.
  • But to get access to its function, you will need to restart the computer; after restart launch of any Microsoft product such as Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, you will not see any message for activation of the product.

Product activate

How to Activate Office products with Microsoft Office 365 Activator?

In the end, I would like to share another free Office products activation method with you people that are with the use of Microsoft Office 365 Activator. You may have seen many of the Office product free activation tools on the internet, but there are problems with them.

The first and most risky problem is that most of them are not trusted tools, and they are just viruses, Trojan, adware, or malware. Most of these downloaded files are malicious, but if you have downloaded some trusted, then these are not compatible with advanced office product 365.

I have researched and trusted many tools, and after proper experiencing, I am sharing an exceptional tool with you to activate Microsoft Office 365. It is one of the trusted tools and performs amazingly to activate MS Office 365 products without any key.

What is the tool?

The awesome that I am going to share with you is Microsoft Toolkit. It is a trusted tool that will not show any malicious issue and completely free. Another name for that tool is EZ activator, but its name changed to Microsoft Toolkit after some years, and now it is famous as MS Toolkit.

How to activate Office 365 with Microsoft Toolkit?

Here I will share the steps to activate the Microsoft Toolkit with you, which are pretty straightforward and did not take much time to activate your windows.

Before going for the steps, you will need to turn off the Anti-virus or defender tool on your computer. Otherwise, you cannot access its functions like download and install.


You may confuse about why you need to turn off the anti-virus; maybe there is a virus or Trojan. But no worry, there is no issue while you download Microsoft Toolkit. It is a free tool that is somehow based on the basic principle of free tools. So for that reason, it will ask you to keep your Anti-virus tool turn off during the download and install of MS Toolkit.

It is entirely safe, and 100 percent guaranteed you can also turn on the anti-virus after installation; it will not affect your computer’s functions or files.

MS Toolkit

What are the steps to activate MS Office 365 with MS Toolkit?

Once you have turned off the antivirus tool, follow the steps below to activate the MS office 365 product.

First of all, download MS Toolkit from our website.

After pressing the download button, it will take a couple of moments to download; when the file completely downloads, go to the download folder and extract the zip file using 7zip or WinRar.

It will create a new folder with the name Microsoft Toolkit.exe  and then select the button” Run as Administrator”  Confirm the process by clicking” Yes,” and the process will start.

A window will appear with Office iCon; it will have information about Office and a button with the name” Activation”  After pushing the Activation button, you will see the AutoKMS button; click on that button and then click on the Install button.

The installation process will start; it will not take more than one minute. You will see the message that the tool has been installed successfully.

Activate Product 365 with MS Toolkit

Now you have the option to activate MS Office 365 with MS Toolkit.

Click on any of the products, such as Excel or PowerPoint. It will ask you for activation; click on the file menu and then click on the accounts menu. Click activates and checks the status; you will see it as activated. That’s it.

Final Thoughts:

Microsoft Office 365 product is an essential and excellent Office product and comes with advanced features. You need a premium product key to activate, but everyone can’t get premium keys.

If you are looking for Microsoft Office 365 Product key for free, then the above tools help you activate Microsoft Office 365 with simple, trusted, and free features. I have shared trusted and simple tools to activate Office 365 in the above content.

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