KMSAuto Net Activator Download Official™ Website [2021]

KMSAuto Net Activator Download Official™ Website [2021]

KMSAuto Net Activator Download Official™ Website [2021]

We all are well aware of Windows and Microsoft office products. Every computer user needs Windows to make our system functioning, and the MS office helps us meet our daily business and individual needs. We never want to compromise for both of these products and always need security. We need the security of our data and our devices. So we think only premium keys can activate MS windows and MS office products. But KMSAuto Net Activator is also an excellent tool that is trusted, reliable, and provides all of the premium features to activate Microsoft’s Windows and office products.

KMSAuto Net Activator is an excellent tool that provides fully automatic and protected KMS activator features for Windows 8, 10, and Windows 8.1 operating systems. You do not need any license key to activate that activator tool.

There is no risk to activate this tool. It does not affect your system files and keeps your system performance unaffected. You can complete the activation process with just one click. You can save the money that you need to spend on the licensed version of Windows.

Here we will provide you with complete detail about the KMSAuto Net activator and guide you on how you can download and install it in your systems to activate windows versions.

What is KMSAuto Net Activator?

KMSAuto is a secure activator tool for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft office products. It makes you activate the window and other products permanently and make you tension-free from again and again activation.

The system is a copy of the Microsoft Key management server, but it is free. Microsoft introduced the KMS server system for the companies and businesses that run their businesses digitally and operate many devices. In such cases, they cannot use separate keys to activate windows for each computer or activate office products.

KMS server makes them easy to activate every advanced and older version of Windows and MS office with the KMS server system. It makes it easy to handle different keys and records for other computers. There is no need to worry about whatever window version or office version you have; activate it with one click through KMSAuto Net Activator.

Why you need KMSAuto Net Activator?

Our computer systems need Windows operating system for proper functioning. More than 85 percent of computer users around the world are using Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows is user-friendly and straightforward, which makes it popular among computer users.

When we look at the business or individual needs, some presentations, files, records, documents, and other instruments need. There is no better tool than Microsoft Office, Microsoft products such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and others help meet all professional and individual needs.

MS Windows and MS office are paid products, and we need activation keys for each product to get access to its functions. If we get any of the products, Microsoft only offers us a 30 days trial. After that, it becomes essential to get the key for activation.

Getting the paid key is not accessible for everyone. Here KMSAuto net activator tool helps us to activate entire Windows and MS office products but completely free. You can activate all older and newer versions of the products with one click.

The second reason that creates ease for us is that it is suitable for all Windows and office product versions. When we get any of the office versions or Windows, we also need a separate key for each performance. It becomes difficult for us to remember and handle all of the keys separately or keep the keys with us every time.

KMSAuto net activator free download tool developed on the base of premium KMS server makes it possible for you to activate all of the versions with one tool. KMS server creates for professional people to use in larger firms for ease. But KMSAuto free version also provides you all of the premium features without any risk.

Top Features:

  • Friendly and straightforward to use a tool, no special skills required.
  • Suitable to use for all Windows and MS Office versions.
  • There is no risk of Virus, Trojan, malware, or any other security issue.
  • Equipped with professional KMS server features.
  • Free of cost, no need to pay for activation.
  • It saves your time by making you able to activate windows and office products with only one click.
  • It is compatible to use with 32bit and 64-bit architecture.
  • Automatically detects your system information; no need to enter data manually while activating.
  • One-time activation is enough; there is no need to activate windows again and again.
  • Once download no need to have an internet connection. It can install and activate offline.
  • You will get genuine activation with the same tool for separate products and versions.
  • An open-source tool that is in access of everyone.
  • It will not just activate windows but also maintain the backup.
  • KMSAuto is a secure and trusted tool for the activation of Microsoft products.
  • It automatically repairs all of the expired keys and fixes all of the operating system issues.
  • Your computer performance will increase after the installation of that tool.
  • It is a lightweight tool that does not affect the overall performance of your computer.


  • Quick activation.
  • User-friendly tool.
  • No update.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Free.
  • Open-source.
  • Easy to download, install and remove.
  • Fully standalone.
  • Genuine activation.
  • Permanent activation.
  • Auto system detection features.


  • It cannot install until the turn off the Antivirus.
  • It does not support Windows 7 and Office 2010.
  • Illegal and banned by Microsoft.

How to download & Install?

Download Instructions:

Here are detailed step-by-step guidelines to download KMSAuto.

  • First of all, turn off the Antivirus or security wall if you have it on your computer; otherwise, it will not process. You can activate it after downloading and installing, but it is necessary to turn it off when you download the file.
  • You can download KMSAuto from our website. To download it click on the download button provided in the content. It will redirect you to the download page, where you will see information about that tool.
  • Here you will see another download button, tap on that button, and wait to start the download process, but before asking you about download the Zip file, it will ask you to provide the location to save that file.
  • After selecting the desired location, you will see the download now button; click on that. After a couple of seconds, you will see the downloading process has begun. Be careful do not to close the download during the process. It would help if you waited to complete the process, it will not take more than two to three minutes, but it depends on your internet connection speed.
  • Once you see the successful download option, it means you have downloaded the KMSAuto tool.

KMSAuto Net Activator

Installation Instructions:

It is pretty easy to install that tool. It is not different from other tools installation. Follow these simple steps to install KMSAuto net activator on your computer.

  • Once you have downloaded, go to the Zip file on the stored location and tap on the file.
  • It will show you the option to install the file.
  • Click on installation. After two or three seconds process of installation will start.
  • You do not need to put any information while installing; there is no need for an internet connection.
  • Be patient and wait for the installation process until it completes. No need to worry; it will not take more than one or two minutes to install. When the installation process complete, check it on your computer for confirmation.
  • That’s done; you have installed KMSAuto net activator on your computer.

KMSAuto Net Activator

Important Note:

When you have downloaded the KMSAuto net free download Zip file and click on that file to install the tool, it will require entering a password. No need to worry; you will find its password in the zip file.

How to activate Windows & MS office products?

Windows Activation Instructions

  • Unzip the file; in the main menu, you will see two options, “Activation” and Information.
  • You need to click on the Activation button. After clicking that, wait for a couple of seconds. It has done Windows has activated on your computer.

MS Office products Activation Instructions

  • Install MS office on your computer.
  • Once you have installed MS Office on your computer, now open any Word, PowerPoint, or Excel programs.
  • It will ask you to provide an activation key. Use the KMSAuto tool here to activate any of the MS office products. With one click, it will activate, and you become able to work.

System Requirements for KMSAuto

There is no need to worry about system requirements; it works excellently with all Windows versions except Windows 7. The reason is that Windows 7 is an older version of Windows, and the KMS server develops after that Window. So it does not work with Windows 7 but efficient to use on all other versions; below are the system requirements highlights.

  • Net Framework 4
  • Any Windows Version (Except 7)
  • Administrator privileges
  • Hard disk should have only 5 MB of free space

What are Supported Platforms?

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • MS office
  • Vista Windows
  • Project
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Server 2012

How to Remove KMSAuto net activator?

If you want to remove the KMSAuto net activator after activating Windows and MS office products, it is pretty straightforward. You have two options to remove the installed tool.

  • The first and the simple way is to delete the downloaded files
  • The second way to remove KMSAuto net activator is to go to the control panel, click on KMSAuto net activator file. It will ask you to add/remove or uninstall option click on uninstall or remove. The file will permanently delete from your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions that many people want to know.

Question 1: What is the difference between KMSAuto net activator and KMSPico? Which one is better to use?

Answer: KMSAuto net activator and KMSPico both use for the same purpose and offer the same premium features. But KMSPico is an advanced tool and widely used than KMSAuto. Both tools use for activation of MS Windows and MS office products. If you face a problem in the activation of windows or MS office products with KMSAuto, then KMSPico will help you activate, and the same is the use of KMSAuto where KMSPico cannot activate MS products.

Question 2: Is it safe to use KMSAuto Net Activator?

Answer: “Yes” You can use the KMSAuto tool with complete confidence on that tool. There is no risk of any malware, virus, or Trojan issues. It will not just keep your system performance unaffected but also improve its performance by repairing and fixing many MS office and Windows issues.

Question 3: Can you Remove KMSAuto net activator?

Answer: “Yes,” it is pretty easy to remove KMSAuto net activator by deleting its files permanently from your computer. It will hardly take one minute to remove it permanently.

Question 4:  Does KMSAuto net activator need updates?

Answer: “No,” there is no need to update; once you have downloaded them and install the tool, then you can use it for a lifetime. There is no need to update because it is developed based on the KMS server that is compatible with all versions after Windows 7 and MS office 10.

Question 5: Is it legal to use KMSAuto net activator?

Answer: It is a free tool that is a copy of the Microsoft KMS server; ethically, it is illegal and unofficial. Microsoft also banned its use, but there is no issue with the tool’s activation and performance.

Final Thoughts

KMSAuto net activator is a free but excellent tool that is the best alternative to the KMS server. KMSAuto net activator is a free to download tool and helps you to activate MS office and MS windows products except Windows 7 and office 10. You do not need to keep separate keys for different versions of products. Use that KMSAuto tool to activate any of the windows or office products. It is safe, increases your system performance, and trusted tool to use.

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