Download KMS Auto Activator Tool [May 2021] – KMSpico

Download KMS Auto Activator Tool [May 2021] – KMSpico

Download KMS Auto Activator Tool [May 2021] - KMSpico

KMS Auto Activator Tool that you can use to activate Microsoft Products such as Windows and Office. It is a free tool that every user must have on their computer. This tool will help you to get a full version of Microsoft freely. It is the only tool that gives such reliability and security that other tools cannot offer to the users. Some others tools also claim to give you a permanent activation, but they don’t. It has many other features that we will tell you in detail.

Now, it’s time to discuss the KMSAuto extensively.

What is KMSAuto?

“KMSAuto is such an activator tool that is used to activate the Microsoft Windows. In fact, it is a reliable security tool that gives the users 100% secure and permanent activation”.

It protects you from activating Windows again and again. This tool is not only used to activate Windows, but you can also activate Office with the help of this tool. It works on a specific principle of Microsoft programs. This principle is known as KMS (Key Management Server) that Bill Gates introduced. He made this tool for the big business owners and big company owners who have many computers at the offices. Such owners face many difficulties in buying a separate key for each computer. Besides, activation of Windows is a time-consuming task in every computer separately.

The KMS server connects all your computers to the central server, which allows the activation process. In this way, KMSAuto shows Microsoft that your computer is a part of the KMS server. That’s why we need to connect the server to have a permanent activation for both Office and Windows.

Why we use KMSAuto Activator?

About 80% of people in the world use Windows in their computer’s operating system. The reason is that the Windows Operating System is easier to use. Even a little girl/boy can use it easily. Now the issue that many people face is that they have only 30 days free trial. When 30 days of the trial ends, you are restricted from having access to many features.

Additionally, you will see the watermark of the Activate Windows on the computer screen. You will also get the messages and notifications for the activation. To avoid this issue, you need to buy the product key on premium. Every user does not have enough money to purchase the product key, so they waste time finding keys online.

But now, you don’t need to waste your time because the KMS Auto Activator Tool will help you search online keys that activate Windows quickly and securely by seeking the Key Management Server. It is a permanent solution that gives you original activation as well. With this tool’s help, you don’t need to go anywhere for the Microsoft Office activation.

Main Features of KMSAuto:

You know that when we want to know the worth of anything, we consider its features deeply. So as we know that this tool is one of the best activators among all, come on, let’s discuss its some primary features to understand it even better. Here we are providing you a list of its features.

  • Free of cost.
  • All Windows activator.
  • The Microsoft Office activator.
  • One-click activation system.
  • Support both 32 and 64 Bits architectures.
  • Automatic detection system.
  • Safe and secure tool.
  • Permanent and long-lasting activation.
  • Time-saving tool.
  • Support offline activation.
  • Genuine and efficient activation.

Please don’t be confused; we will also explain each feature.

KMSauto Activator Tool

Free of cost:

Some people do not use this tool because they consider that it is an expensive tool. They will have to pay a premium to enjoy its best features. But they are wrong. You will be surprised to know that it is 100% free of cost. This tool has no hidden subscriptions or charges. You can get its services on many computers simultaneously without any problem.

All Windows activator:

As you know that there is a wide variety of Windows available in the market, such as Windows 7,8, and 10, etc. New versions are being discovered every year. The best feature of this tool is that it is suitable for all versions of Windows. It is not designed for any specific version, so you do not need to have different activators for different Windows versions.

The Microsoft Office activator:

This tool is used to activate all Windows versions and can activate the Microsoft Office. It can help you to activate MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013 as well as 365. This feature is enough to make this tool valuable.

One-click activation system:

As various types of activators are present on the internet, the problem is that they consist of many steps for activation. This task is time-consuming, and also there is no surety about the reliable outcomes. But you do not require to follow many steps during activation because it consists of a one-click system.

Support both 32 and 64 Bits architectures:

Some computers have 32-bit architecture, while others have 64-bit architecture. So are you tacked between 32 and 64 bits architecture? Do you think that you have to use different tools for these architectures? There is no need to think much about this issue because you do not require separate software. This tool supports both types of architectures.

Automatic detection system:

It is one of the best features that you will find in these tools. When many people try to select their computer from the market, they face trouble choosing that machine with unique features. The automatic detection system is a good feature of the KMS Auto Activator Tool. It detects firmware, hardware, and the Windows operating system version of your computer system. It does not damage any file on your computer.

Safe and secure tool:

It is one of the best and reliable tools that activate your Office and Windows. The reason is that this tool follows the principle of Key Management Server. It is the same system that Bill Gates introduced. It also keeps your files safe from viruses.

Permanent and long-lasting activation:

If we discuss other tools, they are temporary. They make files corrupted. You need to install and activate them again and again. But when we look at the KMSAuto activator, it is a permanent activator. This tool has such a long-lasting stay in your computer that it will remain there until you install and activate a new Windows after the first activation.

Time-saving tool:

When you sit before your computer to find a reliable product key, it takes several hours but no vain. It is not an easy task to find a reliable and efficient product key. It requires you to search for processor support, build-version, and OS version also.

On the contrary, the KMSAuto activator will help you to save time. It does not require you to waste several hours searching for the specific product key on the internet.

Support offline activation:

Are you confused that you do not have any internet connection? If so, then you do not need to worry about it. The reason is that the KMS Auto Activator Tool will automatically support the offline activation. This point does not matter whether you are in your house or traveling with no internet connection. This tool still helps you to activate the Windows with a bit of time.

Genuine and efficient activation:

Now we are going to discuss an important point. You should ask this point from the software developer while looking for other features. The tool developers do not give you the genuine and efficient one, and the Microsoft servers catch you for some severe cases.

If you want to avoid such problems, you must have a reliable and trustworthy activator. It will protect you from many difficulties. The KMSAuto activator will help you to get the genuine activation status. Besides, your Windows will also give you updates about it. So never forget to install the latest version.

Advantages and Disadvantages of KMSAuto activator:

You know that a picture always has two sides. One side is bright, and the other one is dark. Similarly, this tool has bright as well as dark sides. Like other activators, it has both advantages and advantages.

Some advantages of the activator are as follows,

  • It activates the Windows and MS office in a bit of time.
  • It improves your computer’s speed, so your computer works faster than before.
  • Microsoft will provide you the Windows Update.
  • It will give you an original license.
  • You do not install and activate it again and again because it is a permanent activator.
  • It detects your system automatically.
  • It is fully standalone.
  • You can use the same software on separate computers.

Now it is time to look at its disadvantages,

  • It requires you to turn the Antivirus ON (only during the activation system).
  • You may consider it illegal, as many people do.
  • Some users claim that it contains malware, but it is only a rumor.

How to download KMSAuto activator:

After discussing this fantastic tool in detail, it becomes necessary to learn the process of downloading it. If you want to download it, then seek its reliable website. Now we will tell you how to download it from the website. Follow the given steps for downloading it.

  1. Firstly, tap on the download button that the website will provide you. That website will give you guidelines about everything. It will redirect you to download the page where you will see all necessary information about this software.
  2. Now, move on to the next step. You will see another button, so you need to click on that button. After clicking, you will find a Mediafire link.
  3. When you move to the third step, you will see a green button. The green button is labeled as “Download Now.” Just click on it. It will take a little time to open. Now you are required to select a location where you want to save your files.
  4. When you select the desktop to save the files, then tap on Download Now. Your file will start downloading in the selected location of your computer.

When you successfully download this tool on your device, now it is time to learn about another guide. This guide will tell the installation process of this activator.

How to install KMSAuto activator:

The installation of this tool is such a difficult task. If you want to install it on your machine successfully, you must follow the given steps carefully. Making mistakes while installation can damage your files, so be careful about the following steps.

First Step:

The first step is to turn off your Antivirus program. You should also turn off other Windows Defender in your computer,

Second Step:

After you have disabled Antivirus, the next step is to extract any zip file from the zip extractor tools. Then a new folder will appear on your desktop.

Third Step:

The third step is to open that folder where you will find the KMSAuto.exe file. Now you need to right-click on it and tap on the “Run as Administrator.”

Fourth Step:

It will require permission from you, so select the “YES” option, and then you will find a new installation of Windows. You need to follow all these steps that we provided you. In this way, your activator will be installed by your computer in a few seconds.

KMSauto Activator Tool

When you have installed the KMSAuto activator in your machine, then move further to the activation process. You can activate it by following the way.

  • Open KMSAuto, and you will find two options, “Activation and Information.” Tap on “Activation,” where there are two options “Activate Office and Activate Windows.”
  • Now, if you want to active windows, click on Activate Windows. When the activation is completed, you will receive a Success notification.

Final Thoughts:

Many computer users search for a reliable Windows activator, so they try different tools to fulfill their demands. So KMS Auto Activator Tool is an excellent tool that you can use for any Windows version. The Virus Total scanned it and found no virus in it. That’s why we provided you a complete guide about this activator.

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